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I make game advertisements and flyers for RP servers online! DayZ, ReadDead RP, Conan, etc. Most RP servers allow businesses and events, which opens a lot of opportunity to have growth. Flyers for services stand out tremendously for groups and factions in Discord severs.

My Custom flyers are typically hand drawn elements that are made to resemble, 'lore drops' for characters. Something that embodies the character, their hand writing, their drawings, etc. Typically meant to feel a lot more personable with journals and notes. They typically take longer but will feel much closer to a character and their demeanor. Custom Prices vary depending on intricacy.

RPG Flyer
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  • Base Paper​

  • 2 Info Panels

  • 1 image

  • Logo

$25 (4 Payments of $6.25)

PNG Examples


  • Textured Paper

  • 3x Info Panels

  • 3x Images

  • Logo

$35 (4 Payments of $8.75)


  • Textured Paper

  • 4+ Info Panels

  • 4+ Images

  • Logo

  • Stains/Details

$40 (4 Payments of $10)

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